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At Amicon Drive Systems, Inc. we strive to provide a level of support often ignored in today's world of outsourcing and sub-contracting. We welcome the opportunity to assist you prior to the sell with your original project specifications.

After the sell, we provide systems design & manufacturing, project management for installation, and final onsite commissioning. After systems installation and commissioning, we provide technical support by phone or onsite for the following products and systems.
For more than 20 years Amicon Drives and Systems has been supplying advanced automation and industrial control products, as well as completely engineered systems acrross the United States. Today we are Amicon Drive Systems, Inc., and we are as committed as ever to providing first rate service to the commercial automation industry of North America.

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Partner Companies
Gefran Inc., formerly SIEI America and Gefran SIEI, is a manufacturer of high quality motion control products, including general purpose and system level AC and DC Variable Speed drives, as well as process control products such as sensors and controllers for pressure and temperature.
Amicon Drive Systems, Inc. partners with General Electric to provide technical support for GE's AV300i AC vector drives and DV300 DC drives and systems. Amicon has a large installed base of drive systems utilizing GE AV300i and DV300 drives.
Amicon Drive Systems, Inc. provides support for Typact brand products, including TPy series Analog DC drives, as well as TPd32 Digital DC drives.
WTI Inc. International WTI Group, LLC.

Authorized Technical Support for WTI Roll Process Equipment
Amicon Drive Systems, Inc. has partnered with The WTI Group, LLC. to provide the only authorized technical support, spare parts, and product upgrades available. WTI equipment is also available manufactured to your specifications.

ADS, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of drive and winder control systems for WTI equipment. ADS, Inc. maintains the 'as shipped' control hardware and software designs for all existing WTI equipment. The original control designs and software for your equipment in the hands of our experienced technical staff allows ADS, Inc. to provide the best support available, either by phone or in your facility.