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Amicon Drive Systems / Products / Regen DC Bus Supply

Our selection of Regen DC Bus Supply Units is shown below. Should you have questions or if you'd like to make an order, contact us .

SR32 - DC power supply, DC link current from 185 A up to 1500 A

* Power supply from a three-phase mains 400V AC    +10% -15% or 480 V +10% -15%
* DC link current from 185 A up to 1050 A
* Protection degree: IP20
* The SR32 converter is suitable to supply power to both
   single and multiple inverter systems connected to a
   common DC link.

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SR32 devices are AC/DC three-phase converters with a full digital control, which are active in the four quadrants to supply constant voltage to the DC link of the AVy and AGy inverters.

The SR32 converter is suitable to supply power to both single and multiple inverter systems connected to a common DC link. A part of the regenerated power can be exchanged between the monitoring and regenerating drives; the exceeding power is regenerated back to the Mains via the SR32 converter. The output voltage of the SR32 converter is kept constant within a specified range even if the inverter operates in a regenerative mode untill it reaches the full current value supplied while functioning in a rectifier mode.This makes it possible to use a SR32-fed inverter in applications requiring a continuous regeneration.


Device use:
- via the terminal strip
- via the keypad
- via a PC program
- via a Field Bus connection
- 2 programmable analog outputs
- 1 dedicated analog input
- 4 dedicated digital inputs
- 4 programmable digital inputs
- 4 programmable digital outputs
- 2 dedicated relay outputs
- 1 programmable relay output
Environmental Conditions:
- Ambient temperature: from 0 to 55°C; if the temperature is higher than 40°C, reduce the current by 1.25% every K.
- Humidity: from 5% to 85%, 1 g/m3 up to 25 g/m3 without condensing or icing.
- Altitude: up to 1000 meters above sea level; if such value is exceeded, the current has to be reduced by 1.2% every 100-meter increase.
Norms and marks
- EC: in compliance with the EEC directive about low-voltage devices
- EMC: in compliance with the EEC directive about the electromagnetic compatibility using option filters
- UL/cUL, UL508C norm.


Display configuration for the value reading
Programmable analog outputs to take the value reading signal on an external displaying device.
Identification function for the measurement of the power circuit parameters and automatic calculation of some regulation parameters used for an easier commissioning.
Signal internal conditioning (gains, min/max limits, offset…)
Control of the power Feed Forward for particular applications with high dynamic needs.
Protection functions:
- High number of protection functions, some with a particular configuration of
   the  converter behavior in case of an alarm condition.
- Message storage for the last 10 alarm interventions and indication of the
   period when the alarm intervened.
- Temperature linear sensor for an easy control of the heatsink temperature.
- Converter overload control based on the simulation of the I2t function with a    warning signal possibility.

- Input choke: the functioning of the SR32 regen converters requires the use of an Input choke. The converters can not be connected directly to the mains without a choke.
- Autotransformer: a boost autotransformer has to be used in the power circuit for the functioning of the SR32 converters.
- EMC filters: converters of the SR32 series have to be externally equipped with an EMI filter in order to limit the radio-frequency emissions towards the mains.
- Field Bus cards: allow connections to Field Buses such as Profibus-DP and Interbus-S.
. SBI-PDP-32 (S5H47), Profibus_DP interface
. SBI-SL-D32 (S5N80), Interbus_S interface