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Amicon Drive Systems / Products / Non-Regen DC Bus Supply

Our selection of Non-Regen DC Bus Supply Units is shown below. Should you have questions or if you'd like to make an order, please contact us .

SM32 - DC power supply, DC link current from 185 A up to 1500 A

* Power supply from a three-phase mains 400V AC    +10% -15% or 480 V +10% -15%
* DC link current from 185 A up to 1500 A
* Protection degree: IP20
* The SM32 converter is suitable to supply power to    both single and multiple inverter systems connected    to a common DC link.

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The SM32 devices are AC/DC three-phase half-controlled converters designed to supply constant voltage to the DC link of the AVy and AGy inverters.

SM32 is suitable to power supply both single and multiple inverter systems parallel connected to a common DC link. The precharge of the leveling capacitors, which can be set via internal dip-switches, is performed by partializing the Mains voltage via an input thyristor bridge. A diagnostic circuit allows to set the delay time for the switching off of the power thyristor during a power dip.


- Selection of the delay time for the thyristor switching off during a power dip
   (7 times, from 1.1 to 7.7 ms ± 10%) which can be selected via the dip-switches.
- Selection of the undervoltage threshold according to the power supply
   voltage (3 voltages: <_370 VDC, <_ 300 VDC and <_ 80 VDC) which can be
   selected via the dip-switches
- Selection of the precharge time for the leveling capacitors (5 times, from
   2 to 18 seconds ± 15%), which can be selected via the dip-switches
- Selection of the power supply mains frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
- Enabling, via the terminal strip, of the precharge delay.

- Relay outputs: 1 drive OK contact (normally open, closed after the precharge)
- 2 digital outputs: MLP signal (sum of the precharge and of the set
   undervoltage threshold) and ML signal (Mains voltage monitoring).

Environmental Conditions
- Ambient temperature: from 0 to 55°C, if the temperature is higher than
   40°C, reduce the current by 1.25% every K.
- Humidity: from 5% to 85%, 1 g/m3 up to 25 g/m3 without condensing or ice
- Altitude: up to 1000 meters on the sea level; if such value is exceeded, the
   current has to be reduced by 1.2% every 100-meter increase.


Protective functions: Opening of the OK relay in case of...
- overtemperature
- power supply loss on the regulation card (±15V)
- power supply loss
- completely discharged DC link


Input chokes
- An input choke is compulsory for the functioning of the SM32 power supply.