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SBM Series - Continuous stall torque capability, 2 to 442 Nm, up to 4000 rpm

* Rated power supply voltage: 400Vac (230Vac and 460
   Vac option)
* Rated speed: 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 rpm
* Continuous stall torque capability: from 2 to 442Nm
* Structure: B5 (B3&B5 option)

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The SBM motors are available in six frame sizes, a wide continuous stall torque range (from 2 to 442 Nm) and speeds up to 4000 rpm.

The SBM series of low inertia brushless motors is designed to provide the highest level of achievable acceleration and deceleration characteristics which, in turn, allows the highest level of dynamic performance productivity and controllability. For additional brushless servomotor info, contact us.


Class F motor insulation; class H winding
Balancing: with half key
Shaft with key
Any functioning mounting position acceptable
B5 flange
IP54 protection
- power and encoder connectors (SBM 5-7)
- conduit connection box with power terminals and signal connectors (SBM 8-9)
Maintenance free pre-lubricated ball bearings
Oil seal (SBM8, SBM9)
Number of pole: 8


Thermal protection 130°C
Integrated two pole resolver


IP65 protection (not on motors with fan)
Feedback devices:
Digital encoder + hall sensors
5-traces SinCos encoder
Absolute encoder with SSI and EN-DAT Protocol
Custom cable/connector output position (SBM 8-9)
Holding brake (supply voltage 24Vdc with tolerance of ±5%)
Custom windings
B3 flange
Fan (SBM 7)
Shaft: without key, custom diameter
Oil seal
Oil exhaust for direct gearbox coupling (SBM 8-9)
- Removable power and signal connectors
- Power and signal cables (custom length)