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Our selection of AC Servo Drives is shown below. For help finding the right drive for your application, view our ARTDriveS XVy-EV Servo Drive Selection Guide.

ARTDriveS XVy-EV - Systems Oriented Servo Drives from .75kW (1Hp) up to 630kW (700Hp)

* Power supply 3ph:
   230V –15%…480V +10% 50/60Hz ±5%
   575V ±10% 50/60Hz ±5%
* Motor ratings from 0.75kW (1Hp) to 630kW (700Hp)

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As part of the ARTDrive S family, XVy series servodrives offer advanced technology for Motion Control applications, their high-bandwidth, powerful DSP and highly reliable power stage allows the drives to provide excellent control for a vast range of brushless servo motors.


- ARTDriveS XVy Servo Drive Selection Guide
- ARTDriveS XVy-EV Instruction Manual


Torque and/or Speed control
Positioning control (64 programmable registers)
Electronic Line Shaft function
Programmable digital inputs/outputs
Internal “Fast Link” bus at 3.125 Mbit/sec
CANopen interface (slave)
Current ratings [Arms]: from 3A up to 560A nominal (from 6A up to 800A of peak)
Maximum output frequency up to 450Hz (according to the drive power)
Braking Unit and Resistor integrated up to 15kW (20Hp) drive size
Optional integrated Braking Unit up to 55kW (60Hp) drive size
2 Differential analog inputs ±10Vdc (11bit + sign)
2 Analog outputs ±10Vdc (11bit + sign)
Digital I/O commands in PNP and/or NPN logic
8 Digital inputs
6 Digital output opto-coupled
1 Digital relay output (NC-NO)
1 RS485 serial input (Modbus RTU protocol)
2 Inputs for internal “Fast Link” bus
1 CANopen interface input (slave)
1 Encoder / resolver input
1 Auxiliary encoder input / repeater
Selectable speed feedback :
. Incremental TTL (+5V) encoder + 3 Hall effect sensors
. Sinusoidal 1Vpp (+5V) encoder + 2 SinCos trackes or 3 Hall effect sensors
. 3 Hall effect sensors for positioning Single-Ended signal
. Absolute signal with 2 SinCos trackes
. Sinusoidal 1Vpp (+5V) or Incremental TTL (+5V) encoder
Programming keypad with alphanumeric display (KBXV-1)


Control for brushless motors and for asyncronous motors with Flux Vector Mode (closed-loop)
Self-tuning of current regulator
Encoder and/or resolver automatic phasing procedure
7 programmable multispeed
4 independent programmable ramps (Acc/Dec and CW/CCW)
Gains regulator: speed, positioning and integral of positioning
Encoder repetition / Auxiliary encoder output
Jog function
Drive overload protection through “I x t” algorithm
Thermal I2t protection for drive, motor and braking resistor
Drive working modes:
- Torque and/or speed
- Position: 64 programmable positioning preset (ramp and speed for the first 8); homing function
- ELS, Elettronic Line Shaft: 4 master/slave programmable ratios, bend recovery function
Linear motors control
Available fieldbus: Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet and internal Fast Link


Expansion boards for signal encoder repetition
Absolute encoder management with SSI and EnDat protocols
Profibus-DP field bus interface
Communication kit for internal Fast Link
Communication kit for optical fiber (RX - TX and cables)
MDPlc 51.10 IEC1131-3 Application Development Tool
Dedicated EMC filters (in compliance with CEE - EN61800 - 3 - A11)
Input and Output chokes
Remote programming keypad
RS485 serial line kit for PC connection