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Note: This page is currently under construction. Product information on the AC motors we supply is in the process of being updated.

RPM AC Motors - High performance. Durable. Dependable.

The dependable brand-name AC motors that we carry have been developed specifically for use in variable speed PWM controller applications where fast response to speed commands and high speed torque are required.

The motors virtually eliminate motor damaging reflective wave problems that plague many motors marketed as variable speed. They are ideal for use in applications dealing with such things as textiles, mining, HVAC, crane & hoist, petro-chem, forest products tire & rubber, metals, etc.

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The motors are up to three frame sizes smaller, resulting in drastically reduced rotor inertia, and weigh less than NEMA frame motors making them ideal for use where size and space are important issues. For wide constant torque and constant horsepower ranges, including continuous operation at stall, RPM AC is the ideal motor solution.


1000: 1 constant torque
Full continuous torque at zero speed
Standard encoder provision include machined bracket and tapped hole for stub shaft
40 degrees C ambient - 1.0 Service Factor
Stock encoder kits available for all ratings
Ball Bearing
Three normally closed thermostats (1 per phase)
Surpasses the requirement of NEMA MG-1 Part 31 for spike voltage withstand